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madeleine Albright

Faberge Eggs

Plus the story of "Hope diamond"

What is silver topped jewelry?

"Silver Topping" technique was used in order to make diamonds appear whiter, shinier, and more impressive. It was done by welding a thin layer of silver sheet on top of yellow gold and where diamonds would be placed .

Silver topping technique was popular among jewelers in Victorian Era, and it continued all the way to early 1900's when platinum became the white metal of choice. Platinum topping replaced silver topping in early 1900s.

Where did antique diamonds come from?

Diamonds were historically found in India and South America. Most of diamonds used in antique jewelry came from those regions. But those sources are exhausted now and they don't produce any significant amount of rough material to be used commercially.

Today, the main sources of gem quality diamonds are from South Africa, Russia, and Canada.




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